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At Aequitas Global, we believe that challenges are stepping stones to growth. Don’t let them hold you back. Contact us today to take the first confident step toward achieving your growth ambitions.


Kim F.

With experience spanning 5 continents, I’ve fueled startup creation, venture building, small business growth and deal scouting in both emerging and developed markets. As a seasoned Big 4 consultant, I’ve successfully supported large-scale strategic transformations, integrations and change management for top-tier engagements, including Big 3 clientele.

Colleagues and clients affectionately refer to me as the ‘The Queen of Making Sense’ — the one who brings clarity and adds value. My non-status quo thinking drives success.  Energy = contagious.

Credentials: BBA in Finance, a Master of Science in International Affairs, an International MBA [Concentration in Entrepreneurship, Alternative Investing]. Certifications include: TEFL, Harvard Leadership, ITIL.

Geeking out with global impact, tech startups, small businesses and visionary leaders, have aspirations to be an investor, championing the underserved, underrepresented and across emerging markets.

Kim Fairley. Close $1M deals with Aequitas Global LLC.
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