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We love innovative thinking, spark creation to generate new solutions to business problems

We value global cross cultural professionalism and respect for time during collaborative investment

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We pride ourselves on exhibiting patience, resilience, positivity in the face of adversity

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Kim F.

With experience across 5 continents, Kim's been involved in startup creation, venture building, deal scouting in emerging and developed markets, and small business advisory.

Additionally, she is a seasoned Big 4 global strategy and management consultant who has supported large scale business transformations, integrations and change management engagements with top tier clients. 

Thanks to her unique perspective, non-status quo thinking, and proven ability to bring clarity adding value to achieve results, colleagues and clients affectionately refer to her as the 'Queen of Making Sense' and the energy bringer.

Kim holds a BBA in Finance, Post-Bac Cert in Information Systems, Master of Science in International Affairs, and an International MBA with a focus on Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Private Equity.

Geeking out with global tech startups, small businesses to scale and grow, Kim aspires to be an investor to the underserved, underrepresented and across emerging markets.

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